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Professional Services


EQUIS assists its clients in all aspects of their personal and business finances, beyond their annual tax returns.  EQUIS professional services include:

Individual Services:


  • Income Tax Compliance/Preparation


  • Amended Tax Return Preparation


  • Tax Planning & Consultation


  • Tax Resolution – Federal & State


  • Audit Representation – Federal & State


  • Student Financial Aid Consultation


  • Financial Planning (3rd Party Affiliations)

As a family practice, EQUIS is dedicated to providing a high level of service and personal attention to every client, year-round.  Our tax accountants are thorough and

detail-oriented, committed to maximizing tax reporting accuracy while minimizing tax liability for our clients.  These company philosophies are embodied in our tax preparation process:


EQUIS Tax Preparation Process


   1.  Simple, one-page Tax Organizers updated every year to reflect new tax laws, and sent to clients every January to help them easily compile their tax information before their meeting with EQUIS;


   2.  Personal interview with each client to review their current tax information for compliance with tax law changes enacted by Congress, and to explore all potential areas of tax savings;


   3.  Comparison of client’s current-year tax information with prior-year tax returns to identify any potential areas of missing tax information for current-year reporting;


   4.  Detailed Q&A process with client via telephone and email to compile all missing tax information, and to ensure accurate and consistent tax reporting;


   5.  Personal delivery meeting with each client to review and deliver client’s tax returns, and to address client’s tax questions prior to filing.


The EQUIS tax preparation process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks from start to completion, and is specifically designed for the benefit of the client.  Missing tax information may delay completion, and some steps may be modified for certain clients, such as those clients residing outside of New England.

Business Services:


  • Corporate & Partnership Tax Compliance/Preparation


  • Non-Profit Tax Preparation & Related Filings


  • Amended Tax Return Preparation


  • Tax Planning & Consultation


  • Tax Resolution – Federal & State


  • Audit Representation – Federal & State


  • Business Consultation


  • New Business Formation


  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number


  • Annual Report Preparation


  • Form 1099-MISC & W-2 Preparation/Filing


  • Accounting Services


  • Sales Tax Compliance/Preparation


  • Bookkeeping Services (3rd Party Affiliations)


  • Payroll Services (3rd Party Affiliations)

Cost of Services


EQUIS fees for tax preparation are based on the forms and schedules necessary for filing.  Fees will vary for each client, due to the vast differences in filing requirements for every client.


EQUIS fees for other professional services – such as business consultation, tax planning, and audit representation – are quoted and invoiced separately based on EQUIS hourly rates.

Estate Services:


  • Estate Tax Compliance/Preparation


  • Fiduciary Tax Compliance/Preparation


  • Estate Planning (3rd Party Affiliations)


  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number


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